Project Management

IWP Limited takes away your hassle of completing a project, taking care of everything. Consider every problem, every responsibility – we will tackle all obstacles, all issues, and ensure that your project comes seamlessly. As experts in managing projects, our job is to deal with it all, from building codes and licenses, to contractors and materials. You can expect us to coordinate all the main contractors, sub-contractors.

But perhaps most importantly – we will ensure that your project comes successfully completed, both on time and within budget.


Our responsibility here is to ensure that you have every detail of your design right at the drawing stage, so that there are no nasty surprises, both for you and any contractor who hopes to tender. Our exhaustive awareness of the local market (bolstered by a strong circle of contacts) allow us to select the contractor most befitting to your needs, no matter the project. From major restaurant jobs to smaller residentials, having a strong relationship with contractors means that our work is completed on time. Likewise, our strong relationship with manufacturers in Mainland China allow for us to source the highest-quality material at the best possible price. And with such connections, we clearly advise you on how to get the best possible product within your budget.


The city of Hong Kong has a whole lot of rules, and we’re here to help you navigate them. From decades of experience, our team has established an in-depth awareness of the four types of licenses for food outlets issues by the Food and Environment Hygiene Department. Other hurdles in the way of Buildings Department approval are also well within our expertise, much like unauthorised building works. 

We can also assist in your understanding of the limitations and regulations of liquor licenses, such as those covering opening hours. Working alongside registered licensing consultants in order to authorise paperwork, we help you in your licensing endeavour, all in time for you to open your business on schedule.


As a particularly disorienting part of the project process, our assistance can help you shorten and streamline the entire tendering process. We will work with you on your tender documents to ensure that all contractors receive, and tender to, the exact same specifications. Moreover, IWP’s extensive list of contacts means that we are able to effectively identify the suppliers and contractors most appropriate for the job – even before it’s put out to tender. Such contacts also guarantee the best price first-time round.

Design Team

Full design packages may be provided by our designers, all of whom are experts in developments for luxury retailers, and F&B operators. For you, you can be sure of our professional know-how.

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