Navigating building codes, acquiring the right licences, finding and managing the right contractors, and dealing generally with a million trivial jobs, a heap of timelines and a whole lot of budgetary headaches – yes, you could do it all yourself, but ask yourself this: do you really want to? And do you have the crucial know-how of doing it? If not, you should probably hire IWP Limited.

IWP is an end-to-end, turnkey project management company that takes everything off your hands, allowing the client to turn their focus on their main business. Established by Ivan Fernie in 2017, IWP is grounded in Ivan’s 30+ years’ experience, and hence specialises in food and beverage, hotel, and residential projects. With extensive knowledge of the Hong Kong market, alongside China, Taiwan, and the UK, IWP’s work ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to spec.

Borne of employees’ decades of experience, our company emphasises delivery above all. Each members’ insight has secured long-standing relationships with a range of suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers. For you, this means resting assured that your project stands in the front of their queue, assured further of both quality and value.

Our team further prides itself on its problem-solving acumen; with any project, it is crucial to be adept with devising solutions and contingencies for the many obstacles that get thrown into the path. Particularly in rule-bound Hong Kong, it is key to recognise the alternative strategies that most befit the confines of the law. Simply put – whatever the problem, there is always a solution, and IWP will always find it.


Our Team

Ivan Fernie – Director of Projects

Having first moved to Hong Kong 30 years ago, Ivan’s professional experience has been rooted from onset in the Food & Beverage industry. Aside from coordinating F&B projects, such experience encompasses hospitality, operations, retail and residential initiatives as well.

Equipped thus with 30+ years’ of know-how – and 30 projects under his belt – Ivan established IWP Limited in 2017 in hopes of delivering a world-class project management service: A service grounded in decades’ worth of insight.

Julia Kong – Design & Project Manager

As a key participant of the IWP team, Julia manages IWP on an organisational level, and project administration. As the head of the IWP Design Department, she puts her Degree in Design to good use, along with her extensive knowledge of interior architectural design. Such knowledge has enabled her successfully complete various projects across Asia since the early 2000s, as well as Europe, and the Middle East.

Mark Meizer – Project Manager

Blending technical acumen with executive leadership skills, Mark drove a range of information technology projects, as well as initiatives across office fit-outs and regional expansion plans. With more than 15 years of experience spanning across APAC, EMEA and the US, he is well-versed in aligning organisational needs with project goals and deliverables by heading the entire project development life-cycle, all whilst minimising costs and increasing efficiency.

Chris Foreman – Project Coordinator

As a Hong Kong native, Chris attended a local Chinese school where he picked up Cantonese as a second language. He has participated in several projects, and holds most notable experience in Macau, where he facilitated the development of HSBC’s Macau Headquarters, and Wynn Palace Casino. Now back in Hong Kong, he works full-time with IWP Limited, working daily to provide a clean, structured approach to project coordination.

Elle Davies – Project Consultant

With over 17 years’ experience, with a main focus in the F&B industry, Elle has delivered projects for global brands in Sydney, London and Hong Kong.  She has extensive all-round experience working across marketing, business management and project delivery, and brings a skillset to IWP to ensure clients receive quality service and that projects are coordinated to achieve optimal results.

Richard Fernie – Accountant

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Richard has previously interned with Baker Tilly Hong Kong, among other firms, and is crucial to the administrative fundamentals of our IW-Project team. As a fresh graduate, he aims to garner further experience, and advance the skills he has acquired through past work and study.







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